What Software Do We Use?

As we made computers an integral part of our practice, it became apparent to us that we needed to use a variety of different programs from several different vendors to get the best results. To complicate things even more, the “best” software in each area constantly changes.  When do we abandon our experience and familiarity with brand “a” to get the latest benefits from brand “b”?  When do the problems inherent in "upgrades" from a vendors out weight the supposed benefits?  It is also apparent to us that as dental practices evolve and mature, the needs of the practice change and therefore the mix of software also needs to change. With these caveats in mind, here is a list of the software we currently use on a daily basis in our dental office to manage our practice.


Are there other combinations of software that will work equally well or even better? Absolutely!

Is there a way to simplify this by using fewer programs from fewer vendors? Probably.

Is there a way to do this at much less cost using "open source" software.  I think so but I haven't done it yet.

Does the order in which your office gains proficiency in the use of the different types of software affect the speed and ease with which you optimize your practice? I strongly suspect that it does but it is too soon to tell for certain.

Your opinions, suggestions and reports are greatly appreciated and will, with your permission, be shared on this website.

 Bruce Stephenson, DDS   7/11/04



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