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Articles by Bruce A. Stephenson, DDS, FAGD

Many of these articles are in pdf format so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have Adobe Reader, click here to go to their website.

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Paperless Charting using MS Word

What's a "Yoon Button?"

The Surly Staff Dental Office

Ten Myths about Paperless Dentistry


Paperless Dentistry - "Yesterday's News"

Beyond Paperless Dentistry; The Expanding Role of Computers in Modern Dental Practice 

5 Steps for Success in Dental Computing

Business Rules for Dental Computers


  Why Paperless? Why Now?

 Paper Forms to Digital Forms

                        "Code Blue" Protocol                            

"Dusty Chart" Letter

“High Tech Dental Office or Another Winchester Mystery House?”     

“Paperless Dentistry – The Time is Now” 

“The Road to Paperless Dentistry”  

“Dental Computing – Major Trends and Caveats”   

“Dental Computing, Some Small Steps”   

“Defensive Driving – When Considering Computer Software, Be Wary of ‘Blind Spots’” 

“Digital Radiology and Paperless Dentistry” 

“Internet Safety Precautions”  

“Operatory Computers – Expense or Investment?” 

“Designing Computer Systems from the Ground Up” 

“Computer Backup, Clones and Stem Cells” 

 “Digital Panoramic Radiology” 


"Software Evolution, Not Revolution, for Peek Office Efficiency"

"10 (free!) Ways to Improve your Patient Care and Practice Profitability Using Computers"

Dental Computing 101: Fifteen Critical Steps

Dental SEO Video


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